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Vancouver Meal Kit Delivery: A Comprehensive Guide

Vancouver Meal Kit Delivery: A Comprehensive Guide

Here at The Good Stuff, we're all about breakfast (the most important meal of the day!). We feel our smoothie service's job is to make breakfast as easy and healthy as possible. 

But breakfast isn't the only meal of the day.

Dinner can be tough too, and after a long day, we often don't want to spend an hour in the kitchen trying to figure out what to eat and cook.

As a busy founder and operator of a (different kind of) meal kit delivery service myself, I feel uniquely qualified to comment on these services' quality. I've also tried pretty much every service in Vancouver.

So this blog is your guide, based on my experience, to Vancouver's top meal kit delivery services. I've included both "recipe kit" (cook yourself) services and pre-cooked services.

These are presented in no particular order. For each company in the table of contents below, I've commented on a few key features, as well as their pros and cons. Read on!

Table of Contents (click to jump to them):


FUUD Delivery
Type: Recipe Kits
With the help of local Vancouver chefs, FUUD creates recipe kits with the freshest seasonal ingredients. FUUD understands food means something different to all of us and that we should all eat with meaning. 
Pros: Great selection of local/organic ingredients and they feature the stories of their farmers and chefs. Inspired recipes that regularly change.
Cons: Can take slightly longer to cook than other recipe kit services as the ingredients are not pre-chopped (for them this is part of the experience of cooking)
  • Best for: Families looking to share a dinner experience
  • Dietary Options: Omnivore, vegetarian, gluten-free
  • Sustainability: All compostable & recyclable packaging
  • Added Services: Marketplace featuring local goods (veggies, craft beer, etc)
  • Price per plate: $12.00-$13.00/ plate

Fresh Prep

Fresh Prep

Type: Recipe Kits

Fresh Prep was started by a group of childhood Vancouver friends who were inspired by the question "what's for dinner?". Since starting in 2014, they're grown to be one of the largest services in Vancouver.

Pros: Ingredients in recipe kits are pre-chopped, minimizing prep time. Collaborates on recipes with other local brands, such as their recent promo with Juicery Co.

Cons: Cooler bags are fairly bulky (although they will arrange for pickup).

  • Best for: Young professionals looking to upgrade from takeout meals.
  • Dietary Options: Dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian, omnivore
  • Sustainability: Reusable cooler delivery bags. Some plastic packaging but they work with Urban Impact to dispose of it responsibly.
  • Added Services: N/A
  • Price per plate: $10.00-$11.00/plate

2 Guys With Knives

2 guys with knives
    Type: Pre-cooked
    2 Guys With Knives may have the most recognizable delivery vehicles in town. They are run by a fitness/nutritionist guru and an executive chef - yes, 2 guys. They create flavourful meals and snacks with nutrition benefits kept in mind.
    Pros: Wide range of meals and add-ons covers all the bases... except smoothies. All meals tweak-able to fit dietary needs (as opposed to a separate menu). Programmable into MyFitnessPal.
    Cons: Relatively high price per plate.
    • Best for: People who are nutrition-focused but still want to try new flavours.
    • Dietary Options: All meals are gluten-free. Omnivore, vegetarian/vegan, paleo, includes breakfast, snacks & desserts.
    • Sustainability: Delivered in a reusable bag with BPA-free plastic containers.
    • Added Services: N/A
    • Price per plate: $8.00-$16.00/item

    Be Fresh

    Be Fresh Delivery

    Type: Pre-cooked
    Through SPUD, Be Fresh offers its own line of ready to eat meals that you can add to your grocery box. Interestingly, this is just one of SPUD's recent expansions in their services - they've also launched their own 3rd-party delivery service, FoodX.
    Pros: Very easy to manage if you're already a SPUD customer - can add to your grocery bin or pick up at a Be Fresh location.
    • Best for: Anyone who wants "full-service" delivery, including grocery.
    • Dietary Options: Omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, diary-free, gluten-free, nut free, wheat-free.
    • Sustainability: Focus on local food.
    • Added Services: Access to SPUD's grocery delivery service, pickup network.
    • Price per plate: $6.99-$12.79/plate

    Eat Your Cake

    Eat Your Cake

    Type: Pre-cooked
    Eat Your Cake is one of the most nutrition-focused options on the list. They tailor your program not just to dietary preferences, but goals such as weight loss and athletic support. Unlike many of these options, they also have a physical location on Broadway where you can go speak with their staff about a plan.
    Pros: Emphasis on custom nutrition, very large menu that includes snacks/breakfast, in-person options.
    Cons: Hard-to-use website and membership portal, high commitment level (average over $80/week although there are options for as low as $40.)
    • Best for: People who want extra support and have a clear fitness goal.
    • Dietary Options: Vegetarian, pescatarian, whole 30, bulletproof, omnivore, vegan, paleo, ketogenic
    • Sustainability: Biodegradable containers only for salads and snack packs, plastic containers are recyclable.
    • Added Services: Nutritional consultation, weekly worships, special events.
    • Price per plate: $5.00 - $14.50 (including breakfasts)

      Miss Fresh

      Miss Fresh

      Type: Recipe Kits

      This is the first non-Vancouver company on the list, but Miss Fresh is Canadian and is making a big push in Vancouver, so worth mentioning. They have options for 2, 4, and 6 people and their promise is 30 minutes or less.

      Pros: Convenience - in addition to 30-minute dishes, they also offer "one-pan" dishes.

      Cons: Although part of their value is freshness, this is a hard promise to keep when shipping from Montreal. 

      • Best for: People who prefer a kit over pre-made, but have very little time to cook.
      • Dietary Options: Vegetarian, omnivores, low calorie (& land, sea, garden, pantry)
      • Sustainability: Part of the Second Harvest initiative (donates to community agencies, feed children/adults/seniors experiencing hunger). All recyclable but not compostable.
      • Added Services: N/A
      • Price per plate: $9.75-$11.00/plate



      Type: Pre-cooked

      FED offers high-quality nutrition-focused pre-cooked meals. You can pick from one of their tailored plans and get 3 healthy meals delivered 5 days a week.

      They create tailored plans to match your dietary preferences and will make sure to adjust meals accordingly to your restrictions or allergies.

      On top of that, they glorify their meals and ingredients with beautiful and original photos and their blog, Sliced, is full of good stuff!

      Pros: The possibility to customize your meal schedule by selecting the exact meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and days you wish to receive your meals.

      Cons: There is no vegan or vegetarian options.

      • Best for: People who want extra support and want to eat good healthy food with no hassle.
      • Dietary Options: Full nutrition, Low carb/ High protein, Keto, Slim, and Diabetes.
      • Sustainability: FED delivers their meal in temperature-controlled bags. You can just return the food containers in the bag during the next delivery. They also prioritize sustainable sourcing with fresh, local, in season and organic ingredients.
      • Added Services: À la carte menu.
      • Price per plate: $10.60-$13.27/plate

      Movement Food

      Movement Food Delivery

      Type: Pre-cooked
      Movement Food is the most fitness-focused of the bunch. Similar to Eat Your Cake, they help you optimize for certain goals (they even have a weight loss specific option).
      Pros: Options for different portion sizes, easy-to-track macros (integrates with MyFitnessPal).
      Cons: Most dishes don't change week-to-week, which can cause recipe fatigue.
      • Best for: Time-strapped fitness junkies.
      • Dietary Options: Vegan/vegetarian, omnivore, low-carb, paleo.
      • Sustainability: None - meals are in plastic containers.
      • Added Services: Free nutritional coaching, local pickup network.
      • Price per plate: $5.00-$14.00/item 

      Real Meals

      Real Meals Delivery

      Type: Pre-cooked

      Mission-based Real Meals is interesting for two reasons. One, they have one of the widest delivery ranges for local companies - covering from West Van to Delta/Tsawwassen. Two, instead of a health focus, they specialize in "comfort food": casseroles, soups and chilis. 

      Pros: Wide delivery area, unique menu. All products come frozen and last long.

      Cons: Less healthy/tailored than some of the other options. No subscription option.

      • Best for: People with a deep freeze they like to keep stocked.
      • Dietary Options: Gluten-free, vegetarian, omnivore
      • Sustainability: None - comes in plastic containers. They say this is because they're microwave/oven safe.
      • Added Services: N/A
      • Price per plate: $8-10/plate


      Hello Fresh

      Type: Recipe Kits

      The only non-Canadian option on the list, HelloFresh is here because they have been making a big splash in Vancouver recently. Supported by the famous (notorious?) Samwer brothers, they've grown by offering an extremely easy customer platform and a tight brand experience.

      Pros: Flexible subscription options, options for students.

      Cons: Not local, so they ship through a 3rd party, which can lead to logistics issues if you don't live in a detached home.

      • Best for: Trying out a meal kit service for the first time (lots of promos, very flexible).
      • Dietary Options: Vegetarian.
      • Sustainability: Recyclable packaging, liners, and ice packs.
      • Added Services: N/A
      • Price per plate: $10.83-$13.33/plate.

      The Good Stuff

      The Good Stuff Smoothie Delivery

      Type: Recipe kits - kind of.

      Of course, I have to cover our own service. We don't compete with the others here - since we do smoothies only, it's complementary. In fact, our delivery drivers often see the bags and bins of these same companies on our customers' doorsteps.

      Pros: Emphasis on health benefits, includes unique superfoods, zero prep time.

      Cons: Only does one type of food. You'll need a blender (any blender will do).

      • Sustainability: Delivered in reusable bins. All packaging recyclable.
      • Best for: People without much time in the morning, people with health goals
      • Added Services: Nutrition consultations on smoothie mix and general health available.
      • Dietary options: All smoothies vegan/gluten free.
      • Price per item: $5.00-$7.00 per smoothie.

      And that's a wrap! Want to read more about different kits? Go to Meal Kit Comparison and look around!