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Where do you deliver to?

Right now, we deliver to Vancouver in the zones and pickup points on the map below. You can check for sure whether you're eligible by entering your postal code on our order page

Fun fact: our North Shore delivery area kind of looks like a piece of swiss chard.

How do you deliver?

When you order, you'll enter your address and notes for the driver. When we deliver on the following day you indicate, they'll come in an insulated, reusable bin and ice pack. This allows us to keep it cold and keep waste down. The next delivery, we'll pick up the old bin and drop off a new one.

Do you have excess bins? Just shoot us a note and we'll come take them off your hands at no charge.

Do I have to be home to receive the delivery?

Not at all - just let us know where you'd like it dropped off. Our bins and ice packs will keep it cold for the entire day.

Can I arrange for pickup? 

Yes, we have pickup points available throughout Vancouver. If you'd like to pick up as a regular subscriber, just shoot us a note!

I live in an apartment - can you deliver to me?

Yes - just leave specific instructions on both how to enter the building and what to do if you're not home. It's common to have deliveries be left with the building's front desk manager for the day. 

What's the delivery cutoff for the week?

The deadline to begin, cancel, or change your order is Friday at midnight. So, two examples:

  1. If you ordered on Wednesday, April 13th, you'd receive your first delivery on Sunday the 17th or Monday the 18th. 
  2. If you ordered on Saturday, April 16th, you'd receive your first delivery on Sunday the 24th or Monday the 25th.

I'm headed out of town on vacation. Can I skip a week?

Yep! To skip a week, just log in to the member portal, click "Manage Subscription", "Upcoming Orders", and select the week you'd like to skip.

How much is delivery?

Standard delivery is $3.95. But if you order more than 10 smoothies, it's free!


How much liquid do I put in? What liquid is best?

We recommend between 300 and 400 mL of liquid, depending on your consistency preference. Water works with all our smoothies, and on each smoothie page we recommend a couple other liquids we think taste great.

Where do you get your veggies and fruits?

We source all our veggies from local Vancouver farms with the most sustainable agriculture practices. Our relationships with those farms, like UBC Farms and Fresh Roots Farm, are important to us. See our Suppliers Map here.

We also source our fruit from top-quality organic producers like Discovery Organics.  Not all of them are in B.C., as no one has figured out how to grow bananas up here yet, but they're always grown with the most responsible practices.

How big are the smoothies? How many smoothies can I fit in my freezer?

The smoothies come in 16oz paper cups with a 90mm diameter. Here's what 8 looks like in a small freezer:

Frozen Smoothies

Most freezers can fit our bundles, or up to 24 smoothies at a time.

How do I make the smoothies?

All you have to do is rip off the lid, put it in the blender, and add your favourite liquid. Our blends are designed to be easily combined with all different kinds of liquids, so we encourage you to experiment to see what works best for you.

What kind of blender do I need?

Most household-standard blenders will work fine. If you're already using it for smoothies you make yourself, it's probably good to go! Of course, if you want to use what the founders use, our gold standard is the Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre.

If you have a Magic Bullet, it can work, but we recommend you blend only half a cup at a time. Those things are tiny.

How big are the smoothies?

A standard cup, with 300mL water will create roughly a 500mL smoothie (one tall glass). 

Are your smoothies vegan?

Almost all of them! The only one that's not is the Wise Ninja (yogurt).

Is your packaging compostable?

Our cups are 100% compostable! To compost, just remove the label/lid and compost like normal.

Why do you deliver frozen?

There are many reasons frozen produce is best, and we talk about it at length in this blog post. But to sum up, there's 3:

  1. You don't have to worry about it going bad
  2. It makes for great smoothie texture without having to add ice
  3. It keeps in the nutrients better than off-the-shelf produce

How long will the cups keep?

Up to 3 months if kept frozen.