Earth's Own Unsweetened Oat Milk


Earth's Own Unsweetened Oat Milk
The best things in life are simple, like the four simple ingredients in Earth's Own Naked Oat Unsweetened Oat Milk: Canadian-grown organic oats, water, sea salt, and natural enzymes.

Hold up, why do you need enzymes in yo' oats? So glad you asked. Natural enzymes break down the starches in the oats into simple sugar, which gives it that creamy and delicious as all heck flavour. So you can enjoy a glass of organic, gluten-free, glyphosate-free, GMO-free and totes amazing oat milk without gums, fillers, stabilizers or added flavours.

Pairs Best With: Good Morning, Thunderbird, and Diesel Monster 

✔︎ Organic

✔︎ Made with Gluten-Free Oats Grown by Canadian Farmers

✔︎ Non-GMO

Filtered water, gluten-free oats, sea salt and amylase.