Frequently Asked Questions

How It Works


Where do you deliver to?

How does delivery work?

Do I have to be home to receive delivery?

I live in an apartment - can you deliver to me?

How long after I order will I get my smoothies?

How much is delivery?


How does pickup work?

How long do I have to pick up my smoothies?


How does subscription work?

How frequent is a subscription?

Can I change my subscription?

I'm going out of town (or getting backlogged). Can I pause or skip my order?

The Product

Making The Smoothies

How much liquid do I put in? What liquid is best?

What kind of blender do I need?

How much smoothie does it make?


Where do you get your ingredients?

Why frozen?


How big are the smoothies? How many smoothies can I fit in my freezer?

Is your packaging recyclable?

How long are they good for?