The Good Stuff

The Monthly Blend

Kelly is best known for Fall For Local, a quarterly market in Vancouver and Ottawa. Then she extended that to a monthly event called Local Talks where entrepreneurs share the good, the bad and the really ugly side of running a business.

And that's not her only job. Outside of that, she also working as a brand-building consult and is helping develop a new line of cannabis products. 

We sat down with Kelly in Lonsdale to chat about the real side of that level of commitment, plus how working with your strengths and delegating gives you the freedom to do more in life.


When Jeff Pelletier is doing a 100 to 300km Ultramarathon, he’s thinking about food - a lot. Everything he has to eat during a race is strapped to his back, measured in grams. When he's not running, he's managing his video production agency, which requires an equal amount of discipline and stamina. In order to do it all, he tracks his time down to the minute, constantly weighing his priorities against the time available to knock out a run, or grocery shop.

We caught up with Jeff who just recovered from a 300 km run to talk about how being strategic with your time, down to the second, can free you up to accomplish superhuman feats.


Sometimes you just have to blow up your life to find out what you really want. Vanessa Choot did just that. She quit her nine-to-five corporate marketing job and spent a year travelling six different continents.

We chatted with Vanessa about how taking a break helped her get in balance with herself and gave her the courage and freedom to envision a new path in life.