Our Story


Great days start with great mornings - and great mornings start with the perfect breakfast. The Good Stuff was founded by a group of people that wanted a great morning, but life kept getting in the way. 

One summer we began experimenting with frozen, pre-packed smoothies. The first time we had one, we went "ahh... that's the good stuff". And the rest is history.

We started The Good Stuff to make breakfast the easiest, healthiest, and most delicious meal of the day - so people have a head start on leading the lives they want.

Michael Steele

Michael Steele

Founder, Marketing

You'll find Mike at The Good Stuff's events, updating this website, and generally spreading the Good word. When he's not blending, he's playing men's league basketball or planning his next trip.

Mike's favourite smoothie: Diesel Monster

Graeme Taylor

Graeme Taylor

Founder, Operations

Graeme gets the smoothies to the people. That means everything from recipe planning to production, to logistics. After work, he brings that same tireless effort to skiing the North Shore mountains and being an Oilers fan.

Graeme's favourite smoothie: Kitsilano Sunrise


Vancouver is in The Good Stuff's DNA. We believe there is no better place in the world to be running a business focused on helping people lead healthy lives. So we also tell the stories of some of our favourite members of our community:

Vanessa Choot

Vanessa Choot


Sometimes you have to blow up your life to get to where you want. A year ago, Vanessa quit her corporate job to travel the world. Now she’s back here as a full-time freelancer. Read Vanessa's story.

Vanessa's favourite smoothie: Madagascar

Steve Hackett

Steve Hackett

Personal Trainer

A year ago, trainer Steve Hackett was exhausted and ready to throw in the towel – or Canadian flag – and head back to Australia. Instead, he decided to get back to basics and simplify. Read Steve's story.

Steve's favourite smoothie: Afternoon Delight

Jeff Pelletier

Jeff Pelletier


When Jeff is running 100km+ Ultramarathons, he straps his food to his back, measured out in grams. When not running, he's managing his agency, which requires equal stamina. Read Jeff's story.

Jeff's favourite smoothie: Purple Cowboy

Why Frozen?

Frozen food has gotten a bad rep. We're here to change that. Our products are frozen by design because we see game-changing benefits that fridge foods are missing:

1. Nutrition.

With freshly picked flash-frozen produce, we can retain peak nutritional value for much longer.

2. Convenience.

No more planning meals based on what's about to go bad. Eat what you want, when you want it.

3. Sustainability.

Frozen minimizes our waste footprint and ensures you never have to throw out wilted kale again.


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