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Who We Are

Great days start with great mornings - and great mornings start with the perfect breakfast. The Good Stuff was founded by a group of people that wanted a great morning, but life kept getting in the way. But one summer we began experimenting with frozen, pre-packed smoothies. The first time we had one, we went "ahh... that's the good stuff". And the rest is history.


Tonner Jackson

Founder, Community

Tonner co-founded The Good Stuff shortly after finishing his basketball career with UBC. Similar to how he balances his love for both pizza and smoothies, Tonner balances his time with The Good Stuff between building our community and hacking into the mainframe.

Michael Steele

Founder, Marketing

Michael's background is in marketing. The Good Stuff fulfills his three passions: technology, good food, and friendship. When not blending, he can be found on men's league basketball courts or playing with his comically undersized cat.

Graeme Taylor

Founder, Operations

Hailing from Oiler Country (Edmonton), Graeme migrated to the coast in 2012 to pursue his degree. While still not a huge fan of the rain, he can be found exploring the Sea-to-Sky corridor on days off from working Operations for The Good Stuff.

Jason Madden


Jason exited the corporate world to pursue his passion for helping people live healthier. A Certified Nutritional Practitioner, he believes balance is the key ingredient for health. When he's not spreading smoothie love, he's tucked away in the studio producing his podcast.

Diana Steele


Diana advises The Good Stuff on all matters nutrition. You may recognize her as the resident nutrition expert on Global TV’s Noon News Hour every Tuesday. Diana is also co-author of the cookbook Eating for Energy without Deprivation – The 80-20 Cookbook. 

Why Frozen?

What comes to mind when you think of frozen food? For many, it's Hungry Man, Costco, and frostbitten peas and carrots. We're here to change that.

Did you know some of the most nutritious fruits and vegetables you'll find can be found in the frozen aisle (or our smoothies)?

Although fresh fruits and vegetables tend to look nicer than their frozen counterparts, if they’re not picked locally, they often lag behind frozen in nutritional value. To help preserve them during distribution, fresh produce is often picked well before it’s prime. As a result, fruits and vegetables can lose key vitamins and minerals due to enzymatic activity and oxidation.

With frozen, the produce is picked at its nutritional peak and then flash-frozen. This process ensures that all essential vitamins and minerals are locked in so that fruits and vegetables maintain their full nutritional value until you’re ready to use them. 

And it's not just that frozen foods can be more nutritious. They can also contribute to reducing waste.

In Canada, 30% of fresh fruits and vegetables are rejected before they even reach our kitchen counters. Even after purchase, we all know that guilty feeling of letting our produce expire and being forced to throw it away. According to the Canadian Commission for Environmental Cooperation, the average Canadian throws 170 kilograms of food away each year. By making our product frozen, we don’t contribute to the food waste chain and make sure you never have to throw out a chunk of wilted kale again. 

In short, we choose to make a frozen product because it is the most nutrient-dense and sustainable way we see to getting you the good stuff.

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