Smoothie Veggies is now The Good Stuff! (here's why)

As of today, Smoothie Veggies is no more. We’ve changed our name! Out of Smoothie Veggies' ashes, a green phoenix has emerged… The Good Stuff.


When we created Smoothie Veggies, we did so to solve a pain point we felt very dearly: making healthy eating easier. We saw smoothies as a great, convenient way to eat healthy but they were often missing a crucial element: the veggies.

So we created Smoothie Veggies and made veggies for smoothies. That was easy.

Smoothie Veggies Founders

When we launched our veggie product in Summer 2015, people were supportive of our mission, but we heard the same feedback over and over: why not package all the smoothie ingredients together? That would make it even easier. Like any good founders, we listened to our customers. So we worked with my favourite dietitian (my stepmom) to create complete, ready-to-blend superfood smoothies.

We started testing that product two months ago, and  our community has been amazingly receptive. So we're diving in. Our name reflects what has always been our purpose, and is now our business too: giving people The Good Stuff.

The Good Stuff

What is The Good Stuff? It's good healthy food made easy. Right now, that takes the form of our amazing ready-to-blend superfood smoothies.

But we aren't just changing our name; we're announcing major upgrades to our business. Ones our community has asked for and one's we think you'll love:

What's changed?


New ways to orderIn addition to weekly subscriptions, you can now also order bi-weekly subscriptions, pick up a single six-pack in person, or order a pre-designed bundle.

New smoothiesYou asked for high-protein, fruity, and anti-inflammatory smoothies. In the Diesel Monster, the Madagascar, and the Wise Ninja, we've got all three.

New group buyingWe're now offering Smoothie Happy Hours and Smoothie Stations to offices and fitness centres across Vancouver.

What hasn't changed?

The important stuff. 

Our values. We still source entirely from local and organic growers, our packaging is still compostable, and our smoothies are still the healthiest on the market.

Our customers. Fear not, current members: your subscription won't change at all (unless you want it to).

The power of friendship.  There will still be lots of corny photos of the founders. Like this one of us high-fiving:



We hope you enjoy the new brand, and here's to many years of bringing people The Good Stuff!