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Whether you are embarking on a weight loss program or just looking to add some extra vegetables into your diet, we guarantee that our Lean Green Collection will rise above the kale of duty. Featuring a nutrient-dense assortment of low-calorie smoothies, this collection will have you feeling lean and green. The leafy green mixes are with rich antioxidants and essential vitamins to help you meet your weight goals, keep you full, and eliminate those sugar cravings.

We recommend enjoying one of our smoothies for breakfast, followed by one in the afternoon as a way to eliminate any mid-day cravings. If you want to switch it up, try adding coconut water or apple juice for a sweeter alternative.

Wise Ninja

Wise Ninja 


Easy Greens 


Good Morning


Glow Up


 Here are just a few types of the greens found within the collection’s smoothies and some of their main benefits:

Kale: Kale is rich in antioxidants and full of a nutrient called lutein, which is proven to improve memory and protect against vision loss. Additionally, kale is packed full of fibre to keep you feeling full, and vitamin B to convert food into energy.  Find it in our Good Morning and Easy Greens.

Spinach: A great source of Magnesium, spinach has been shown to improve memory and digestive health. Found in our Glow Up, Easy Greens and Wise Ninja; this healthy veggie is full of vitamin K, iron, and folic acid which is proven to increase energy and improve muscular repair.

Avocado: Although not as leafy as the other greens, avocados are still sure to pack that nutritional punch. They're full of monosaturated fatty acids, which are important for weight-loss as they burn at a higher rate than other fats. Additionally, avocados are proven to reduce your appetite and lower cholesterol. Find it in our Wise Ninja.