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Nutrition is perhaps the most important factor to any successful workout plan. It starts long before you hit the gym and continues long after you get home. However, many people assume that a quick scoop of pre-workout before and a powdered protein shake afterwards will be enough to achieve maximum results. In reality, the body needs a combination of the right macronutrients (protein, carbs, etc) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) to perform at its very best.

Whether you’re training for an event or just looking to stay physically active, our Strength Collection features a unique combination of smoothies that are full of macro- and micronutrients to help promote strength and well-being before AND after your workouts.

Breakfast or before a workout

The body needs the right nutrients prior to exercise to give you the energy and strength you need to perform better. Prior to working out, your smoothie should be typically lighter and include a mix of healthy proteins and energizing carbs. For best results, we recommend drinking either the Purple Cowboy or the Thunderbird smoothie two hours before training. This will help prevent any stomach discomfort during exercise and ensure your body has enough energy to keep you from crashing halfway through. While smoothies have the added benefit of helping you hydrate, always remember to drink plenty of water during your workouts as well.

After a workout

You have put a lot of effort into your workouts, and after continuous reps or sprints, your body is going to need to properly recover. To help you continue to perform at your best and reach your goals, we recommend integrating the Diesel Monster smoothie into your post-workout routine. Consuming this smoothie at within 30 mins of training will help replace the essential nutrients, proteins, and electrolytes lost during your sweat session.


Diesel Monster 


Purple Cowboy 




Vega Sport Performance Protein: This protein powder, which can be found in all three smoothies, is the perfect way to repair your muscles post-workout and support your recovery. With each smoothie, you're getting at least 20 grams plant-based protein, 6 grams of BCAAs, and 1 billion CFU probiotics (bacillus coagulans).