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Detox Sale Detox Smoothie Box

Doing a cleanse? Mix our smoothies into your regimen to feel flushed, revitalised, and full of energy the whole time. Works with any herbal or juice cleanse. and if you're bold it can also stand alone as a green smoothie cleanse.

Option A: Standalone cleanse. Drink 4 smoothies per day for 3 days. Supplement if necessary with raw foods such as almonds. Detailed cleanse instructions included. 

Option B: Complement your current diet/cleanse.  Add one daily smoothie into your existing diet or cleanse. Subscribe on a 2-week interval.

Kitsilano SunriseKitsilano Sunrise x4

Glow UpGlow Up x2

MadagascarMadagascar x2

Easy GreensEasy Greens x4

InstructionsDetailed Cleanse Instructions