The Monthly Blend

Sometimes you just have to blow up your life to find out what you really want. Vanessa Choot did just that. She quit her nine-to-five corporate marketing job and spent a year travelling six different continents.

We chatted with Vanessa about how taking a break helped her get in balance with herself and gave her the courage and freedom to envision a new path in life.


A year ago, personal trainer Steve Hackett was doing everything he could to get his personal training business off the ground. He was running around to different gyms, teaching different classes and working with clients at all times of the day.

We sat down with Steve at Movement 108 to find out how saying no, taking care of himself and focusing on nourishing his body, helped him find the freedom to be himself.


Mornings can be chaotic for a thousand different reasons. Maybe you overslept, or can't find your keys, or maybe your kids just told you that they need a batch of homemade cookies for the school bake sale happening that day! Whatever the reason, we have all experienced the feeling of being rushed in the morning.

Let's take a look at how smoothies can make your perfect breakfast.