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Gojoy’s founder, Peter Breederland, set out to do the impossible: take an exotic Asian superfood and grow it right here in B.C. Thanks to his expert background in farming (and his perseverance), he succeeded where others failed.

Gojoy grows (you guessed it) Goji berries, one of the hottest berries on the market. We put Gojoy’s gojis in our Madagascar smoothie.

So what makes them so special?


Discovery Organics

Here at The Good Stuff, we know that what comes out of your blender is only as good as what goes into it. So we're profiling some of the great BC suppliers we buy from. Next up: Discovery Organics!

We buy all our non-leafy organic produce from them. That means carrots, apples, mangos, bananas, and more. We chose them because of how their values align with our own.

How do they align? Read my interview with Discovery’s Purchaser Brody Irvine to find out: