Our Nutrition Manifesto

Healthy Food

We named our company The Good Stuff because that’s what we aim to provide: good, convenient food that you can feel great about. True story: when we had our very first smoothie prototype, both founders yelled, “that’s the good stuff!”.

But what is the good stuff?

Our customers trust that what we put in our smoothies is healthy enough to qualify for that name. Like any food company, especially healthy food, we have a duty to our customers to serve that trust.

People have different ways of defining what “healthy” is. It can be a calorie count, the inclusion of certain ingredients, the exclusion of certain ingredients, and so on.

However, even leading dietitians admit we’ve only discovered 40-50% of what there is to know about nutrition; so we aren’t attempting to prescribe the ultimate definition of what you should eat. What follows is our 5-point definition of what makes our product healthy, based on our research with dietitians -  and also based on our own experience as athletes, foodies, people who have gained 20 pounds, and people who have lost 20 pounds.

This is our nutrition manifesto.

The Good Stuff:

Is organic and local whenever possible.

Over 80% of our ingredients are Certified Organic, and what isn’t is grown by farms in B.C like Fresh Roots, who employ responsible growing practices.

Has different goals in mind.

Nutrition is a personal journey. Someone who is hoping to lose weight is very different from someone who is training to be a triathlete. We design our smoothies to fit different goals and help you make informed decisions about what smoothies are right for you.

Will never call a milkshake a smoothie.

Our smoothies will never contain ice cream or processed Froyo (or as we call them, smoothie cop-outs). If a smoothie does have yogurt in it, should be regular old probiotic yogurt.

Is about the health, not the claim.

Here’s a list of some of the regulatory claims our smoothies could put on a label:

  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Certified Organic
  • Low fat
  • Source of dietary fibre.

Here’s a list of claims we care about:

  • Healthy
  • Is the good stuff.

We support these claims and are inclusive of the groups they are designed to help. We happen to have products that happen to be vegan, non-GMO, et cetera. But we’ll never pursue a marketing claim at the cost of the quality of our product.

Is still real food.

Although we strive to add hard-to-find superfoods to our smoothies, we are still committed to keeping food, food. That means our smoothies have no added sugar, glucose, fructose, or anything else that we wouldn’t eat if we saw it on a plate.

It also means nothing is processed in a way that’s harmful to the foods’ nutritional content. We rigorously wash our ingredients to meet CFIA safety standards, but never harm their integrity.

Nutrition Ingredients

This manifesto is our nutritional north star. Whenever we create new flavours, we are committed to following these plain-English principles to create something that’s both healthy and delicious. By putting it in public, we are making it a real commitment - we’d now look like pretty big fools if we were to break it.

So now, when you hear the founders say “that’s the good stuff”, you know exactly what we are talking about!

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