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A few years ago a friend of mine said to his young son, in a bid to get him to eat a healthy meal, that they were eating "adventure food".

A couple of weeks later, they were about to start a particularly healthy-looking dinner, and his son looked up and said: “Dad, are we eating adventure food?”

“We sure are,” he responded. Mission accomplished.

Parents have long employed creative solutions to get their children to eat healthily. Smoothies are a parent's favourite for this. This your guide to everything about smoothies for kids, including why they're great, how to make perfect ones, and our favourites kid's smoothie recipes.


A few months ago, we brought you our favourite smoothie recipes from Vancouver nutritionists. It was a hit - you seemed to love all the green smoothies!

But nutritionists aren’t the only people making great smoothies. Vancouver’s food community is famous (notorious?) for its health-loving food bloggers. I thought, what if we found the best ones and got them to share their favourites?

It would be a whole new take on the smoothie recipe game. So I asked around, and here are the recipes we found (some of them are so weird you’ll have to try them).